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This section is for Flukes, a Fluke is a scene of "EarthBound" altered to be funny or stupid.
If you wanna make some Flukes, click here to download some EarthBound images.
Please note, not all of the images are there. If you can't find one, you have to take a pic of it with ZSNES.
WARNING: ZSNES is not illegal but ROMs are, if you get in trouble with ROMs, I nor the people who dumped the ROM can be held responsible.
Well, back to the Flukes. I will only accept .GIFs. If you don't know how to make Flukes in this format, click here to download an image converter. Also, they need to be named in a certain way. If you're making your first Fluke, and your name is John, it needs to be named "john-1.gif", without the quote marks.
Also, tell me the name of the Fluke, and that's what it will be called in the link, but name it the way i said above. I will also need your e-mail address, if you have one. To submit Flukes, e-mail them to me.
Well, here's my Flukes.

Attack of the Clones
Runaway 5, errr, 0
Green Green
Bad Mixture, Part 1
Bad Mixture, Part 2
Slave Boy
Video Games are Bad

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